About us

209 is a suspended space. A room where you hide - alone or with others - permeable to the outside world. It’s an idea born in the head of some young people with big dreams. And the need for each of them to understand and reflect their experience. It’s the need to speak out.

209 is a frame for art. For film, theatre, performance, experimentation. A joyful jump in the unknown.

Art is an utopia of the impossible. Irrational and unconditional. Between life and death a red thread.

An obsession. An idea that haunts me without explanation. A desire that screams. Each project grows out of this obsession without which nothing exists.

"We all build ideologies from what we have. You see, if I write a book, I have to make myself believe that literature is the most important thing. If you are a journalist, you have to make yourself believe that this is what is going to change the world, that this is what is decisive for freedom, for democracy." [Edouard Louis for Mediapart, 2018]

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Mathilde Irrmann
+49 157 33697924

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