1 venue. 2 artists. 4 cameras. 1 screen. An experimental Performance.

In a place where objects find a new function, come to life and take on new meanings, we have decided to go in search of a concept that we are all familiar with without questioning it too much: the concept of home.
Fran├žois Rossier, who founded the place about ten years ago, had previously made detours into the art scene and worked under a motto that appeals to us very much: permission to fail.
We adopt this motto to embark on a merry search.
A research around the concept of home. How does this feeling of security come about that leads us to ourselves and lets us find peace? what does it do to you?
We try to feel it out with images and sound.

This form of performance is a prototype, as we are exploring a hybrid form. On the one hand, there is a presence performance that invokes the immediate moment and transience. On the other side, video, which presupposes a gaze and a composition of successive images. Live streaming is usually used to retrieve information content. When used in a cultural context, it is not an art medium in itself, but transmits what an artist performs. We want to explore live streaming as an art form in its own right.

Fabian Kalker is a German-French composer and music producer, with an academic background in composition and guitar. He lives and works in Berlin, composes for theatre productions, installation works as well as for contemporary dance performances. The club culture of Berlin is a constant reference point in his artistic work. A focus of his work is transformative processes. Fabian draws further inspiration from new weird science fiction literature and radical forms of collective living.

Idea / Concept & Project coordination by Mathilde Irrmann
Music by Fabian Kalker
Technical team Lan Syreen, Johannes Wille, mk and more
Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

Live-Screening 26 oct 2023 / 6 p.m. on YouTube

>>> Link to the performance