Extinction Rebellion: will the 21th century be disobedient?



„ It is time to question all our routines and to find sensible, democratic ways to radically redirect in order to stop the mass extinction of species we have caused and prepare ourselves for a future in which we can survive.” XR

If we take the IPCC experts seriously and accept the idea of a climate emergency, how can we not take a position? What future do we want? Must we choose between flying taxis and bees? The question of whether or not we believe the scientists is a radical one. The lack of a position on the climate issue, both politically and individually, commits us all.

The introduction of concepts such as ecocide, meaning genocide against an ecosystem, makes it possible to give another dimension to issues that are currently perceived as one-sided. Where some see jobs threatened, others highlight the collapse of biodiversity. How can we move beyond this debate and pass over from words to actions?

However, what should we think of civil disobedience? Which credibility should we give it? And perhaps also: is the perception we have of it representative of what these movements really are? I asked myself this questions and decided to go and meet them.

Written and recorded by Mathilde Irrmann
Source pictures Extinction rebellion Deutschland

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