TPH : Trouble de la personnalité histrionique

Theater series

Theater series in 3 episodes

(HPD: Histrionic personality disorder)

First episode: Dreams of glory
Diary of the actor at the beginning of his career: « J’aurai voulu être un artiiiiste ».
Full of illusions, our little comedian confronts a world where no one expects him. He will meet in his journey: demanding professor, competition of all kinds, intransigent jury... But the actor, in his journey, does not give up anything and in his bundle, there will always be some poems of Baudelaire, and the integral of Chekhov (a little heavy to carry certainly, but very effective to make fires in period of big cold).

Second episode: Big cold
Actor's diary, continued: « Je me voyais déjà en haut de l’affiche ».
After 10 years of hard work training with the most illustrious, many castings passed... and failed, our actor has FINALLY found a company. How he became famous ? He didn't. But at night, when he can't sleep, he opens his bundle, and consoles himself with Rilke's letters that are not addressed to him.

Third episode: The eternal return: continuation and end, and continuation, and end. And more.
The actor's logbook, continued and finished. And more?
The actor has just met his public. He is a little disappointed: he has not been applauded as much as he would have liked. And yet, he felt full of talent, but a talent "anxiously contained" ... So what will happen to him without your love and your applause? The diagnosis is in: he has a histrionic personality disorder, but The Show Must Go On.

The company 209, with majesty and derision, presents you this intimate triptych: What is an actor? In the bars of Strasbourg, high places of the existential philosophy, we propose you to be, with us, awkwardly but surely a little comedians, a little artists, definitely histrionic...

With Amandine Bastian, Nicolas Brandt, Maxime Vacher, Marie Paillat, Lina Hajjam El Hassani, Margaux Lagleize et Mathilde Irrmann
Texts by Charles Baudelaire, Rainer Maria Rilke, Anton Tchekhov, Jean-Luc Lagarce, Marion Aubert
Songs by Starmania, Barbara Streisand, Aznavour, Barbara, Queen

Strasbourg (France)
Festival « How I became famous in a bar » organised by L’interface
April 2014
3 x 45 minutes