Cultural events and News

209 has taken up residence in the premises of UPCYCLING in Berlin Neukölln. We open this place up to culture and organise readings, concerts and other events.
UPCYCLING exists for twelve years. Since the beginning François Rossier has been working with the philosophie that two bad chairs can make one good table. He previously worked as a film director. When he started cutting wood instead of film - maybe out of impatience, he realised that it takes seven years to make a film and only seven days to make a table. Since then, he has been inventing practical solutions for abandoned objects longing for a new life. From the ruins of time, he creates unique pieces with a history. And so his art objects are created out of nothing.

This newsletter is intended to keep you informed of our upcoming events:

To visit us in person, it's here:
Hobrechtstr. 54
10247 Berlin Neukölln

To pay us a virtual visit, click here:

If you have a piece of furniture you'd like to transform, are looking for a chair for your office table or would simply like to donate an object, don't hesitate to contact François here: