Mathilde Irrmann

My name is Mathilde Irrmann. I am the face hidden behind Cie 209. Telling you who Mathilde Irrmann is is a bit more complicated. Let's give it a go.

I was born in Strasbourg, where studied acting at the Conservatoire d’art dramatique and graduated 2014. With a strong focus on classical theatre, my training allowed me to work with authors like Shakespeare, Ibsen, Chekov or Racine. There I also chose to focus on strong female characters like Marie Stuart or modern authors like Jean Cocteau. My extensive work in the French theatre scene includes authors like Molière, Marivaux, Beaumarchais with director Jacques Bachelier and TPH/HPD: Histrionic personality disorder, a self-directed show reflecting on the actor’s work. Just before relocating to Berlin, I had the immense pleasure to interpret Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Changing country, I decided to experience acting in front of the camera. 2018 and 2020 I played Vicky in the series Bad Banks. Since then I have been working in music videos, films, television and voice over. 2024 the film Gondola by Veit Helmer, in which I play a leading role, will be released in cinemas.

As a French women working in German and English mainly, languages have always been of major importance to me as they open new perspectives on the world and facilitate empathy for one an other. But I also believe very much in improvisation.

2016 I started working behind the camera and interviewed German World War II survivors for the french TV documentary Le séminaire des barbelés or followed singer Andrra to her native town in Kosovo to shoot a music video with director Greg Blakey (Wedgetail). 2017 I directed my first short film Piensa en me. Since 2020 I am working as a live editor for political conferences and other occasions with a team of solide people. 2023 we produced the Berlinale press conferences.

In parallel and throughout the years, I did a degree in Art history at the Humboldt University of Berlin, which I completed 2022. I looked at the artistic answers to deal with the past and chose to focus on Eastern European contemporary art. 2019 I contributed to the radio KCRW Berlin with my own stories.

Playing with various mediums, I explore issues and topics I believe are worth being discussed like gender and social issues, language, resilience. The climate crisis is currently my priority. I believe that we are all actors of the future we wish to live in. So I guess one could say I’m an idealist. A pessimist one but definitely an idealist.

Whether I am acting, directing, live-streaming, on stage, in front of the camera or behind, trying to make a podcast, I believe each project is an opportunity to collaborate with other artists and let something new emerge from this encounter. I use Cie 209 as a base for working in collaboration with other artists and open up a framework for creation.



>>> Acting profile

>>> 2023, Live editing, Berlinale press conference
>>> 2021, Live editing, Urania Berlin, Stadt im Gespräch



Gondola (2023, directed by Veit Helmer) Actress • 25 Winters (work in progress, documentary, Introvert Films, co-directed with Greg Blakey) Director • Soko Stuttgart, Das Geheimnis der Düfte (2022, ZDF, Bavaria Fiction GmbH, directed by Burkhard Feige) Actress • The Lake (2022, Valle Venia, Venice Production Bridge, directed by Leo Phillipp Schmidt) Actress • Bad Banks - season 2 (2020, ZDF, Arte, Letterbox Filmproduktion, directed by Christian Zübert) Actress • Bad Banks - season 1 (2018, ZDF, Arte, Letterbox Filmproduktion, directed by Christian Schwochow) Actress • Don’t let me win (2018, music video, music by Delush, directed by Greg Blakey) Actress • Piensa en me (2017, short film) Director • Le séminaire des barbelés (2016, documentary, Plan large production, France 3 Région, directed by Philippe Fusellier) Producer, translator • Ein Sommer in Südfrankreich (2016, ZDF, Ariane Krampe Filmproduktion, directed by Jorgo Papavassiliou) Actress


Radical Rooming (2021, performance mixing dance, music, visual art and theatre, mixed media, live and video, co-produced with Re:future Lab) Director, Actress • TPH/HPD: Histrionic personality disorder (2014, theatre series in bars) Director, Actress • Romeo and Juliet (2014, Compagnie La Claque, directed by Frédéric Schalck) Actress • Don Juan (2014, La Mesnie H, directed by Jacques Bachelier) Actress • Le médecin malgré lui (2013-14, La Mesnie H, directed by Jacques Bachelier) Actress • Un fil à la patte (2012-13, Compagnie La Claque, directed by Frédéric Schalck) Actress • Le mariage de Figaro (2012, La Mesnie H, directed by Jacques Bachelier) Actress • Wish you where here (2011, Jolly Good Show, directed by Mick Wood) Actress


My Cat (2019, radio, KCRW Berlin) Writer, Speaker • Silence (2019, radio, KCRW Berlin) Writer, Speaker • Extinction Rebellion: will the 21th century be disobedient? (2019, Podcast) Writer, Editor, Speaker


Art history, Cultural studies (2014-2022, Bachelor, Humboldt University of Berlin) • Theatre acting (2009-2014, Conservatoire de Strasbourg)